Zip Password Tool

Zip Password Tool 2

Password recovery tool for ZIP files

Zip Password Recovery Tool is a valuable utility for whenever you forget the password for a ZIP file or whenever you receive a locked file from a colleague or friend. This application will save you the trouble of trying different letter combinations or guessing passwords. Zip Password Recovery Tool will solve your lost password problems with compressed files from WinZip, PKZip, or any other ZIP compatible tool. You can also recover passwords from self extracting ZIP archives with SFX features. It supports standard 2.0 ZIP encryption and 128, 196, and 256bit AES encryption. Zip Password Recovery Tool uses two methods for recovering your passwords. The first method utilizes a dictionary based attack that attempts hundreds of possible password terms until the correct one is found. The other method is a brute force attack that uses multiple combinations of letters and numbers for ZIP protected files in order to unblock them. You can customize both methods by adding new characters and editing case change features. Zip Password Recovery Tool will be the solution for your locked ZIP files.